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TimberTech Pro Composite - Reserve

Make a bold style statement and add character to your outdoor living space with the vivid and elegant blend of colors of the PRO Reserve Collection. Inspired by reclaimed wood, the heavy wire-brushed, low-gloss finish showcases the classic cathedral wood grain pattern on these resilient boards


  • Highly Color-Blended - Marked by the nuanced board-to-board variation you’d find in expertly sourced barnwood or shiplap.

  • Varied Wood Grain Finish - Classic straight grain patterns combine with cathedral peaks for the character of traditional cut lumber.

  • Inspired by Reclaimed Wood - Featuring a light wire-brushed, rough-hewn texture and rustic, earthy tones.

Approximately $15.28 per Square Foot
Reclaimed Chestnut
Antique Leather
Dark Roast
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