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Custom Deck Design - Builds

We LOVE creating new Outdoor Living Spaces!  One of our favorite things to do is to "Dream-Build" with our Clients.

Top 5 things to consider before hiring a Custom Deck Builder:

  1. Lifestyle - Will we be Entertaining, Lounging, or do we just need somewhere for the kids to play?

  2. Utility - Does the deck function as a pathway to another area of your yard?  Will it be used at night?  Will it act as a cover for Patio Space to be used all year long?  

  3. Style - What's your Aesthetic?  Rustic, Contemporary, Classic, Fancy, Plain, Understated?

  4. Resale - Will you be selling in the next few years or staying in your home for 10 years or more?

  5. BUDGET - Decks cost as much as cars.  Can we afford a Kia or a Cadillac?  How will we be paying for this?  Do We need a Construction Loan, an Equity Loan, or just paying Cash?

These are just a few of the things we will help you with on our first consultation.  Don't worry, there is Decking for every budget and we can make a "Kia" look like a "Cadillac".  We tend to start off throwing every option into the first design, then shave down until you're getting the most deck you feel comfortable paying for.  It's very important to understand our Process:


Reasons why ANY Deck in the PNW that is 10 years or older should be inspected:
  • The NAHB (National Association of Home Buyers) claims that "...because Decks are subject to a wide range of conditions in different climates, the life expectancy of a wooden deck can vary significantly..."  Under "Ideal" Conditions, a Wooden Deck has a life expectancy of around 20 years.

  • NADRA (North American Deck and Rail Association) Estimates that of the 50 million residential decks in use in the US, 30 million or 60% are beyond their useful life and are in need of being replaced or repaired.

  • Between 2010 - 2014 an average of 7,700 people a year were rushed to the Emergency Room after a structural failure of a deck, patio or balcony.

  • Most "Home Inspectors" don't spend any time properly inspecting decks, aren't qualified to inspect a deck, or are motivated to ignore challenges with a deck to help "sell" a house.

  • Over 50% of Residential Decks are built by DIY Homeowners or "Friends" without a proper Permit or Inspection....many so-called "Contractors" fail to pull a permit as well.

In 2020 M3 Decks was forced to pull down a 1200+ square foot deck because the previous homeowners that built the deck 7 YEARS PRIOR used improper lumber and hardware, poured inadequate footings, over-spanned every support beam and deck joist, and didn't follow basic connection techniques.  This resulted in rot and structural damage to the house itself as well as a massive avoidable expense in it's replacement.

M3 Decks Safety Inspections

  • Conducted by a NADRA (North American Deck and Rail Association) Certified Safety Inspector
  • Covers:
    • Deterioration and Decay​
    • Proper Connectors/Fasteners and Installation
    • Stairs and Handrails
    • Framing, Spans and "Load Path"
    • Footings / Deck Support
    • Ledger Connection and Flashing
    • Deck Boards and Fasteners
    • Guardrail and Assembly
    • Illumination
  • Takes up to 90 minutes to complete the Inspection
  • Includes a Full Report with pictures of findings, results, and recommendations
  • Prices Start at $350.00 

                  *Prices dependent on size and condition of Deck

Who Should Hire a Deck Safety Inspector?
  • Real Estate Professionals concerned for their client's Safety and/or Liability 

  • Recent Home Buyers concerned with the integrity of their deck....ESPECIALLY if they declined an inspection to close faster!

  • Current Homeowners with a Deck that could be 10 years old or more.

  • NEW Home Buyers!  Don't trust the Home Inspector will find what could be wrong or even knows what to look for.

Order Your Deck Safety Inspection TODAY

Wood Deck Repair and Refinishing

Did You Know....
     * Solid Stain is a sign that your decking is close to the End of it's Life?
     * "Deck Paint" is only for COVERED PORCHES and actually ROTS exposed decks faster than not doing anything at all?
     * Cedar Decking SHOULD be stained EVERY YEAR, 2 years maximum
     * Most Cedar Decks require 3-5 days to properly Strip, Brighten, and Stain....that's 2-3 weekends for most homeowners              that should be enjoying their deck, NOT working on it.

Even with proper attention, old decks need Repair.  M3 Decks will examine your deck, suggest what repairs or maintenance is needed and send you an "Estimate" (Please review or "Process" above) within 48 hours.  

We work with all types of wood:  Cedar, Pressure Treated, and Exotic.

With our new FG Floortec Brush Cleaning/Sanding Machine made in Germany and tintable Cutek Mineral-Oil Stain from Australia, we can usually complete a job in Half the time of most and guarantee it will last twice as long, saving you money and time.



(....above 1500 psi...)

Most people think that because it's "Plastic", that you can take the pressure washer you use for your driveway to clean it.  DON'T LISTEN TO THAT KID AT THE BIG-BOX HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE!

Pressure Washing strips the factory finish and delaminates the board.  In most cases, it voids the manufacturer's warranty.  Don't risk your investment, let a pro take care of your deck!

Let an M3 Decks Detailing Crew scrub down your Synthetic Deck using the proper tools and detergents to maintain the beauty and life of your deck for years to come!

We suggest cleaning your composite deck 2x a year:  Once in the Early Spring to wash away the Moss, Slime, Algae, and Crud left by "Old Man Winter", then a second time around August after the Pollen has gone away to remove that dusty, yellow haze so you can enjoy the rest of the fair weather.

Service Includes: Decking, Rails, Stairs, and Fascia.  For an Extra Fee we'll clean your Patio Furniture, Under-Deck Drainage Ceiling, Pergola/Cabana, detail every nook and cranny of your deck lights and if you need your Patio / Driveway pressure washed....we can do that too!

Prices Start at $75.00 a visit for the first 150 sq. feet - $50.00 for every additional 50 sq. feet.

Estimates provided for any "Extra Items" to be cleaned

Yearly 2-visit contracts available.

Schedule Space will be limited, so book your Deck Detailing TODAY 




in "Sweat Equity"

There's something very satisfying about building something with your own hands!  Whether you're looking for that reward or trying to save some money, there's no reason why you can't have the same results as if a Professional build your deck for you.  Keep in mind that 70% of the decks built by homeowners are built incorrectly or are unsafe.  Have the confidence that the deck YOU build will last by having an Experienced M3 Decks Deck Builder mentor you through the entire process.

Benefits of Hiring an M3 Decks Deck Coach:
  • Confidence of Quality and Safety

  • Up to 50% Savings through "Sweat Equity"

  • Work at your own pace

  • Learn how to work smarter, not harder

  • Learn "Tricks of the Trade"

  • Advice and Instruction by an Experienced and Specialized Professional that is current in the Deck Building Industry

  • Take the Guesswork out of the Job and Get to Work!

  • Several Plans Available depending on how much help you might want.

What to expect from your First Consultation:

1.  Location and Environment Analysis

2.  Utility & Lifestyle Discussion

3.  Rough Measurements and Design Review

4.  FREE ESTIMATE based on the above to establish a Budget

GOOD - "The Greenhorn"



  • Design Review

  • Proper tool suggesstions

  • Footing layout assistance

  • Framing oversight:

    • Ledger attachment and Joist layout

    • Proper use of Connectors

    • Post and Beam build guidelines

    • Joist Attachment

    • Rail Framing & Blocking

    • Pre-Framing Inspection walkthrough

  • Picture Frame and Breaker Board tips + techniques and advice

  • Rails: railing installation walkthrough

  • Pre-railing inspection walkthrough

  • Additional visits available for:

     Pergolas, lights, underdeck                 drainage, gates etc.

$2,000.00 - includes up to 7 onsight visits

* Homeowner provides design

* Homeowner applies for Permit

* Visits Equal 30 Minutes - Additional 30 minutes = $100.00

BETTER - "The Foreman"

Includes: The "Greenhorn" PLUS

  • Materials list

  • Materials purchase and delivery (Optional)

  • 1 visit during Decking Installation

  • 1 visit during Rail Installation Rails: railing installation walkthrough

$3,000 - includes up to 10 onsight visits

* Homeowner provides design

* Homeowner applies for Permit

* Visits Equal 30 Minutes - Additional 30 minutes = $100.00

BEST - "The Journeyman"

​Includes: The "Greenhorn", The "Foreman" PLUS

  • Design Assistance

  • Permit-Ready CAD Plans and Engineering Calculations​

$3,500 + 7% of total estimated job for Plans and Engineering - includes up to 10 onsight visits

* Homeowner provides design

* Homeowner applies for Permit

* Visits Equal 30 Minutes - Additional 30 minutes = $100.00

Disclaimer:  M3 Decks will not be responsible for:

  • Inspection Failure

  • Material Defects

  • Installation Errors

** Price does NOT include fee for Permit itself

5. Work Begins

That fateful day has arrived!  The first day is taken up inspecting materials, going over plans, identifying special needs and discussing project timeline and process.

Saws start buzzing, nailguns start popping, and as soon as you get used to the noise and disruption....we're scrubbing down and loading out.

1. FREE Estimate

Rough Measurements are taken, Basic Drawings are made and a "Ball Park" Price is given to be compared with your Budget.

If the Estimate for the Desired Project is within your Budget, We can move forward to Full Plans and a Proposal.

Permit Ready CAD Drawings with Engineering Calculations are Prepared acompanied by a fully itemized Proposal.  If M3 Decks does not get the job, you now own everything you need to apply for a permit.


  • Starting at $500.00

  • 50% Downpayment required.  

  • One "Adjusted" Proposal included

2. Plans and Proposal
3. Contract & Deposit

If the Proposal is agreed to we move forward with a Contract, signed in original ink in face to face followed by a 10% Deposit that goes towards the purchase of your materials.

Once a Contract is Signed and a Deposit is Received, we move to Permiting (if required) and Scheduling.

Image by Julia Taubitz
4. Permit & Scheduling

IF a Permit is required, one is submitted for and a "Target" Date is set to begin.

3 weeks prior to beginning, you will be invoiced for the remainder of your materials and they are ordered for delivery.


Custom Design - Build
Deck Safety Inspections
Composite Deck Detailing
DIY Deck Coaching
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