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TimberTech Pro Composite - Terrain

The traditional hues in the PRO Terrain Collection range from solid to moderately varied and create a timeless look with a complex, rugged wood grain pattern designed to camouflage everyday wear and tear. Design your space with practical, scalloped decking that’s the perfect combination of value and performance


  • Blended & Solid Colors - Choose between moderately color-blended or solid for a look that fits your outdoor living space.

  • Cathedral Wood Grain Finish - Classic and ever-evocative of traditional wood, the peaks and eddies of this grain pattern draw the eye.

  • Perfect for High Traffic - Rugged wood grain pattern camouflages foot traffic and scratches from everyday wear and tear.

Approximately $7.62 (Solid) - $10.60 (Blended) per Square Foot
Silver Maple
Brown Oak
Rustic Elm
Sandy Birch (special order only)
Stone Ash
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