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Pressure Treated Framing Lumber

Approx $12.25 per Square Foot

Pressure Treated Lumber rated for Ground Contact is the most common framing lumber for Decks and any outdoor project.  It is easily identified by the cheese grater-like slotted holes that cover it's surfaces.

Pressure-treated lumber is lumber that has been treated with a chemical preservative in order to protect it from insects and decay. The lumber is incised, or cut, with small grooves in the surface of the wood to allow the chemical preservative to penetrate deeper into the wood.

The chemical preservative used in incised ground contact pressure-treated lumber is typically alkaline copper quat (ACQ) and copper azole (CA) which is forced deep into the lumber in a Pressure Chamber.

With proper airflow and maintenance, PT Deck Framing CAN last up to 20+ years.

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