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Elgar - Woodinville/Redmond - 2020/21

This deck taught us to be far more critical when a client asks for a "resurface".  Not only was it built with Interior Wood, but all of the hardware was "Interior Only" and everything was failing.  We were forced to throw an 1800 sf deck in the dumpster and start fresh.  With a blank canvas, the client had us expand the new deck to 2250 sf!!!  What was supposed to be 6 weeks turned out to take 4 months.  NEVER buy a house without an inspection, and even when you do get an inspection....get a 2nd opinion on the DECK by a specialist!

This Decking was TimberTech EDGE Prime (no longer available in small quantities) to control costs, The Rails were TimberTech Classic Composite with both 2x2 balusters and glass infill with Radiance Rail Cap and Gates, the under-deck drainage is an old carpenter's trick using utility shed metal roofing firred out to a slope.


Price Range = $125,000.00 + 
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